Indian Blender: Top 9 Best Blender for Indian Cooking & Dosa Batter in USA

Indian food culture is different and unique compared to other countries by many rules and complicated recipes that amaze people worldwide.

When cooking these, the chef also often blends ingredients to make a perfect paste. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a blender suitable for Indian cooking.

Here are the top 9 best blender for Indian cooking that will be helpful.

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Top 9 Best Blender for Indian Cooking Your Kitchen Should Have

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender for Indian Cooking


The first dosa batter blender I would like to introduce for Indian cooking is Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.

You will be surprised by the many talking numbers this product has achieved.

The rating for this blender is 4,8 out of 5 stars from over 23,000 buyers, and these numbers are still counting.

At a reasonable price and simple steps to get the job done perfectly, I think it will be a potential candidate.

First of all, the most suitable feature that makes it perfect for Indian cooking is its powerful motor.

The motors can deliver up to 1,100 wattages which can blend all ingredients such as onion, garlic, chili, and lemongrass into powder in seconds.

With six strong and sharp blades, this product can also handle many hard ingredients perfectly such as frozen fruits, ice to make smoothies easily and quickly. I am very impressed with its performance.

The second excellent feature of this product is the 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cup.

Apart from the biggest pitcher with an XL size of around 72 ounces to pulverize an enormous amount of ingredients, it has two smaller cups for grinding flavorings or making personalized drinks on the go.

For a family of around 4 people, it is enough to grind all seasonings and cook a delicious curry for the entire family.

Another benefit of this Indian blender is easy to use. It provides several basic functions with three speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions. All manipulations with this best blender for making chutneys are very easy with just one press.

Besides, including in the package, there is an inspirational guide that will give you essential information to follow when assembling and many recipes to make delicious drinks, sources, and meals.

I think you should read it before starting because it will help you to use this product in the right way and avoid unexpected misunderstandings that make it broken or reduce its longevity.

The only disadvantage of this product from my point of view is that the blades are separate from the cups and the base. So, be careful when cleaning or moving all parts out because they may fall and cause damage.

  • User-friendly
  • Powerful motor
  • Reasonable price
  • Robust base
  • Large pitcher and two smaller sups for on the go
  • A helpful inspiring guide to follow
  • The blades are separate from the cups

What customers say about it?

Forget the small bullet blender! My kid’s obsession with acai bowls killed about 4 blenders, but this blender rips through whatever chunky madness you throw in it. Using it is not as straightforward as a typical blender (the top must be facing a certain way, there is a multi-step process for use) but it really blends super well and I rarely have gobs of unblended peanut butter or dry protein powder on the sides. This was a great buy.

Emily Dolton


This product is the best Ninja blender for Indian cooking. It has become Amazon’s Choice for Countertop Blenders by Ninja. I highly recommend you buy it for your daily cooking.

2. NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender for Indian Cooking

Another best blender for Indian cooking is NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer.

The reason that I think it deserved to be on the top of my list is its powerful motor and compact design.

And this machine is also ranked in the list of the best nutribullet blenders, do not hesitate to introduce this machine for you.

On the one hand, this Indian blender has many outstanding features and advantages for cooking Indian food. The overall design is very compact and modern. It can fit every corner in your kitchen.

Although it has a small construction, it still ensures high performance and operates strongly. The motor can work at the highest capacity – 900 wattages.

By applying top-notch extraction technology, this blender provides strong power and a perfect cut to make all ingredients into powder or smoothies in seconds.

With the bullet design, this Indian food grinder is very easy to use. All you need to do is put the cups on the base and press them to operate.

Despite one-speed blending mode, this blender can handle a variety of food from hard ingredients like nuts and other seasonings for making Indian food to soft fruits and other food.

Especially, if cleaning is a hassle task for you, then it will be a perfect choice. It is very lightweight and dishwasher safe. Therefore, after using, you can separate all parts and put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher.

On the other hand, like most products, this Indian blender also has disadvantages. You should be very careful and watch out the time while using.

Because it is a powerful motor and works at high speed, it is very easy to get heat if we blend continuously for a long time. It should be used under 60 seconds at a time to avoid burning.

  • Compact and modern design
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Two cup sizes with lids
  • Should be used in under 60 seconds.

What customers say about it?

Absolutely love it, super easy to clean and works perfectly. Makes for a hassle free, quick and well-blended time!



At a reasonable price and having many convenient features, this product will be one of the great choices for Indian cooking. With two traveling cups, you can use one for blending ingredients for meal preparation and the other for making delicious drinks for daily diets.

3. KitchenAid KSB1575BU 5-Speed Diamond Blender

KitchenAid KSB1575BU 5-Speed Diamond Blender for Indian Cooking

The next product in the list of the best blenders for Indian cooking that I would recommend to you is KitchenAid KSB1575BU 5-Speed Diamond Blender. It will be a great pick for the family.

Most products from KitchenAid are durable and have a long-term warranty, and this product is no exception. Besides many outstanding blending functions it brings, it also provides a 5 -Year limited warranty.

The most remarkable thing about this product is the diamond pitcher. It is made from BPA-Free plastic which shatters -, scratch- and stain-resistant.

With the diamond blending system, all ingredients will be blended perfectly and rarely get stuck under the blades or stick on the wall. The jar capacity is up to 60 ounces, which is very large and can handle the amount of food for the entire family.

Another reason convincing people to buy this Indian blender is INTELLI-Speed motor Control. By applying this technology, it can adjust and maintain the most suitable power to ensure all ingredients are cut perfectly.

It provides 6 different functions to choose from: stir, chop, mix, puree, liquefy and crush the ice. Besides, the pulse button delivers the highest power.

On the downsides, I think it’s powerful as I expected. However, it can still handle all ingredients to make a sauce for curry and other dishes.

  • Versatile in use
  • The food rarely gets stuck under the blades
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Clean-touch control panel
  • Not powerful as several products on my list

What customers say about it?

Up front I want to say this blender has worked well the two years I’ve owned it. Crushed ice and blends smoothly and quickly. However, the blades have already rusted which hasn’t happened to any other blender I’ve owned and I always make sure to clean and dry before putting away so it is shocking they are already rusted. This is a challenge and not food safe so i reached out to the seller just for a replacement part of blender or a replacement blender and was given a short unhelpful response with no support or alternative options given. I would highly recommended, if you do buy this blender, to find it from a different Amazon seller. This third party seller will not provide you any support should you need it.



To sum up, this product will help you to make delicious sauces and drinks for the whole family. With 7 functions and tailored programs, it is user-friendly and suitable for many ages. I enjoy the diamond blending system, this feature works effectively to make the mixer smoother.

4. Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender BL642 for Indian Cooking

Another product in my top list of best blender for Indian cooking is Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender. With a rating of up to 4,8 out of 5 stars and becoming Amazon’s Choice in terms of Countertop Blenders by Ninja, I think you should consider this excellent blender for cooking Indian food and other drinks.

This product features powerful motors and advanced technology. First, the motors can deliver up to 1200 watts. From hard to soft ingredients, it can blend, cut, and chop into powder and smoothies perfectly in seconds.

Auto-IQ Base provides multiple pre-programmed settings to choose to depend on your needs. It also provides three different speed levels and one Pulse button. I have to admit that this Indian blender is truly super powerful.

Nutri Ninja Pro extractor blades also surprised me with their performance. It is extremely sharp and durable. The drink can keep the most nutritious of the fruit and vegetables.

In this combo, there are many pitchers and cups of different sizes for you to choose from. The largest one is a 72-ounce pitcher, which is perfect for making smoothies for the entire family.

Three smaller with the capacity 18, 24, and 32 ounces respectively are used as afood processor for Indian cooking. Another surprising benefit of this product is reducing noise. Although working at high speed and owing powerful motors, it generates less noise than other products at the same level.

The thing that makes many people hesitate to buy this product is the price. It is a bit higher than several Ninja products with some similar functions.

  • Super-powerful
  • Auto IQ system
  • Various pitchers and cups for different uses
  • Make less noise
  • High-quality material and modern outlook
  • Expensive

What customers say about it?

Love it and use it daily the past 1.5yrs Does the job right!

Steven Kessler


Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender – BL642 will be a great option if you often use a blender for different purposes, such as a food processor, making smoothies, or grinding meat. With advanced technology added, this blender can optimize all functions to deliver the best results as you expect. Let’s try it to make delicious Indian food.

5. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender for Indian Cooking

Another blender from NutriBullet I would like to introduce for Indian cooking is NutriBullet Rx N17-1001. This Indian blender is famous for super-powerful motors that can pulverize everything in seconds. With the brilliant performance it provides, I think you should not skip this product.

It is hard to find many bullet blenders with high-power motors like this one. It can deliver up to 1,700 watts and has the ability to break down ice, frozen fruits, and other hard ingredients to make smoothies drinks, and sauces. The blades are also extremely sharp to get the job done quickly.

This blender can handle hot drinks and sauces perfectly thanks to the heating cycle. Especially if you want to cook some Indian dishes with sauces. It seems to be the most convenient product that only pulverizes all flavors but also heat them to make a hot paste.

Another interesting feature of it is smart technology. Thanks to these features, you can save an amount of time while blending. When your drink or sauce is ready, it will shut off automatically. That’s amazing!

Covering with black color and simple construction, it makes your kitchen look more modern and professional.

On the downsides, due to delivering powerful motors, these blenders make a bit of noise while blending. However, you can consider some options to reduce the noise and enhance safety, such as putting a rubber mat or a towel under the base.

  • Super powerful
  • Sharp blades
  • Uncomplicated to use and clean
  • Compact design and convenient
  • Smart Technology to enhance safety
  • Hands-free operation
  • Reasonable price
  • Making loud noise.

What customers say about it?

Definitely worth getting. Less expensive than the others but does the same thing as the more expensive brands. Easy to clean & handle.

Shay Paul


NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender is a powerful bullet blenders for Indian cooking in the USA. It will be a loyal companion that helps you with the cooking job.

6. Vitamix 7500 – Best Vitamix Blender for Indian Cooking

Vitamix 7500 Blender for Indian Cooking

Vitamix is also one of the leading brands in manufacturing blenders with many products being widely used around the world. Vitamix 7500 Blenderis also one of the famous products from this brand with high ratings from buyers, up to 4,7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Not only for kitchen use, but this Indian blender is the ultimate choice of professional chefs. With a 64-ounce capacity, we can easily adjust to speed to create desirable results. In general, this machine has a simple design and construction with a bulky base. Most of it is made of plastic and is quite easy to hold.

Compared to other Vitamix blenders, one of the greatest features ofthe Vitamix 7500 Blenderis a cool-running motor. This allows maintaining a low temperature for the engines and even the torque is the power to handle any food ingredient. It has vents to keep its engine cool while blending, especially when making hot soup.

The Vitamix 7500 provides ten variable speeds, allowing tweaking all structures to deliver the most delicious and smoothies drinks and soup. The pitchers are also clearly marked on an ounce scale to give you a better measurement.

The only thing that makes me disappointed about this product is the bulky base. It takes a considerable space in my kitchen, especially when it is not in use.

  • Powerful and cool-running motor
  • Large capacity
  • Able to make hot sauce and soup
  • 10 speed to adjust
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Bulky base

What customers say about it?

If you want a pro quality blender, get this one. We love it. Plenty of power and capacity.



This blender from Vitamix for Indian cooking makes me extremely pleased. When I cook curry and need to make hot sauce or pulverize all flavorings, it works extremely effectively and delivers the leading results.

7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black

Another blender in our best American blender for Indian cooking list is Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender. At a very reasonable price but still ensuring high-quality performance, I think you should consider this blender as a wise investment.

First, when you look at this product, you will be impressed by its sturdy construction. It has a powerful base motor with a curved bevel on both sides allowing them to withstand high pressures when blending. The pitcher is large enough to serve the whole family with a 48-ounce capacity.

Similar to Vitamix 7500 Blender, this blender is also very easy to use with ten-speed levels to control. It can handle all ingredients such as frozen fruits, ice, nut butter, and other hard ingredients. Despite not applying any technology, it still gets the job done perfectly as I expected.

Another plus for this product is the high-quality material. The pitcher is made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester Premium which is shatterproof. The blades are also made of stainless steel, which is very sharp and can endure the heat perfectly. Besides, cleaning this big blender is not as harsh as you think. It has a self-cleaning mode to help you clean more easily with soap and warm water.

On the downsides, this Indian blender generates over 90decibles, which means that it is very noisyand may irritate surrounding people.

  • Solid construction
  • Ten-speed settings
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • High-quality materials
  • Budget-friendly cost
  • Very loudly

What customers say about it?

This blender is *amazing*. I’ve always purchased blenders less than $50. I didn’t think that a blender could make much difference. I was so wrong. This blends my chunks of frozen banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & water into a velvety smooth shake with a frothy goodness. Very different than my previous blender wow. I’m a Vitamix convert!!!

Jackie Johnson


In my opinion, it is the best blender for grinding spices when you are cooking Indian food with a powerful motor and the ability to handle hot sauce. At a very reasonable price, many people can afford this product.

8. Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder

Premier Super G Kitchen Blender for indian cooking

Unlike other products I have mentioned above, Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder is specialized for grinding and chopping food.

The most significant feature of this Indian blender is the compact and durable design. It features three stainless steel jars that are big enough to handle different kinds of food such as meat, ice, coffee beans, and so on.

However, you should remember that this product is not able to cut or chop vegetables. so that it is unsuitable for making green smoothies.

If you choose these blenders for daily use, it is really helpful and safe with a good protection system against sudden overloads.

In more detail, the motor provides 550 watts and can automatically shut off if it overloads or gets heat. You also need to hold the jar while operating.

The thing that I don’t like about this product is that I can not see through inside the jar and it does not have measurement markers.

  • Durable and high -quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Ensure high safety
  • Able to handle different kinds of food
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Hard to measure the food

What customers say about it?

Bought this in 2019 and it is working like champ. We use this for preparing dosa, idli batters, chutneys and for grinding many things. Some of the mixer Parts got broken after 2.5yrs but we bought those in diamond trading website who sells the parts of this mixers.



To sum up, this product is perfect for grinding all ingredients to cook Indian cooking. This helps spices to be nicely grounded. If you do not often make green smoothies from vegetables, it seems to be one of the highest-quality chutney blenders for you.

9. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender for indian cooking

The last best blender for Indian on our list is Blendtec Classic 575 Blender. This is a premium industrial-grade blender from Blendtec brand. This product achieved 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon and over 80% of buyers gave this blender a full 5-star rating.

The Blendtec Classic 575 has a maximum power 1560 watt motor and a stainless steel blade that can cut through and blend food and drink all the time perfectly.

Consistency and texture always work exactly to deliver the great results. Besides, there’s also a cooling system inside that will prevent the engine from operating when it gets too hot. This will protect the blender from burning and ensure its longevity.

Classic 575 is designed to bring the most convenience to customers. Two of its four blend cycles are in 60 seconds and 90 seconds. This keeps it simple and straightforward to control, yet very effective.

You can purchase the Blend Blend Twister Jar separately if you want to make nut butter or with other dry food ingredients. This jar is specially designed to do these jobs with ease.

In terms of cleaning, the jars of the blender are safe to wash in the dishwasher, so cleaning is very simple – just add some soap and warm water, press the pre-programmed cleaning button, and. This Indian blender is one of four pre-programs in the machine.

The Classic 575 is not an extremely complicated blender with many preset functions. However, the price of these products is still very high.

  • Super powerful motor
  • Touch interface
  • Versatile in use
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Appealing design
  • Expensive
  • Only four pre-programmed settings

What customers say about it?

Blends smoothies perfrctly and super easy to clean!

Alana Wolf


The perfect combination of function, style, and appearance makes Classic 575 the most valuable investment. It can handle everything you want in seconds from small to large quantities. It deserves to be the best blender for idli batter.

Reveal How To Choose The Best Blender for Indian Cooking?

Choosing the best blender for Indian cooking is not a straightforward task. It is not merely a high-quality machine but also a versatile blender to handle all kinds of spices and fruits in preparing Indian food. Here are a few factors you can consider in choosing the right product for you.

Reveal How To Choose The Best Blender for Indian Cooking
4 important factors when choosing the best blender for Indian cooking

1. Power

Power is always the first factor that many people are concerned about. To crush all of such spices, seeds, and nuts to make Indian dishes, you need a machine with the power of over 500 wattages.

However, with some hard ingredients, I think you should prepare a machine with a larger capacity to make sure it can crush things into powder.

2. Speed settings

Each dish has a different recipe and needs a different food consistency. Therefore, it is necessary to choose Indian blenders with many speed modes. Different textures are created at each speed. For example, Indian chutneys and curry have different smooth requirements.

3. Materials

The material of the jar, the pitcher, or the cups is also very important. If you merely grind the ingredients into powder, a plastic pitcher will be a better choice because it is lighter and cheaper.

But if you intend to make hot soup or hot sauce, you should prioritize choosing a large glass cup or glass jar that can withstand heat well.

Also, there are containers made from stainless steel on the market. It’s durable, easy to clean, but it’s not transparent, making it difficult to adjust the textures of the ingredients inside.

4. Size

Are you looking for a blender for personal or family use or even a commercial blender for your restaurant? Many blenders offer many sizes suitable for many of your uses.

However, some machines only come with a certain jar. Therefore, you should choose jars with about 26 ounces for personal use, around 50 – 60 ounces for a family with 4 members, and over 70 ounces for the restaurant. These parameters are for reference only, and you can still be flexible while using them.

FAQs about Indian Blenders by Customers

Indian Blender Related Quetions

1. Is a Ninja blender good for Indian cooking?

There will be an absolute yes. You can enliven Indian food even in the USA with the Ninja Blender, combine several spices as much as you can to create your absolute favorite chutneys.

The best part of the mixer is that it has different cup sizes and the lids matching the bottles, so there will be no leak while the blend is working, so there is no mess to clean. Hence, don’t hesitate to make the fascinating Indian spices in the Ninja blender to add a little more flavor to your food.

2. Can we use a Vitamix blender in India cooking?

As Vitamix is one of the most powerful blenders in the current market, it can meet your needs to make Indian spices and other specific dishes from India like dosa batter in the USA.

This best blender for dosa batter can be both wet and dry grinders due to its tough stainless steel blade system, which can process all kinds of ingredients. However, to use this blender in India, you should buy the step-down transformer to match India’s voltage.

3. Is a Magic Bullet blender good for Indian cooking?

You can make Indian food and spices with the Magic Bullet because it has a sufficiently powerful engine and stainless steel blades, which allows you to cut through almost any ingredients. You can make your favorite spices in the powdered form or create batters very quickly in this amazing Magic bullet blender.

4. Is a 300 Watts blender ideal for dosa batter?

A blender with a capacity of 300W is not enough capacity to grind cereal. The blender will be overloaded, causing it to overheat before completing the dosa dough. I recommend everyone to use a blender with a capacity of 750W or higher for dosa batter.

5. Can a Ninja blender be used for Indian spice grinding?

Ninja blenders can meet the needs of grinding Indian spices perfectly. With most high-powered machines usually above 750 watts, it helps you get the job done quickly, and the machine won’t get hot.

6. Is Nutribullet good for Indian cooking?

The Nutribullet is a perfect choice. That’s why in our top list there are 2 nutribullet models.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Blender for Indian Masalas?

As our review in this article, Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is thegood blender for smoothies in Indian because it can perform all the work of the Indians easily with capacity. Very powerful.

Grind peppers, grind skin flavored or typical foods of the people here, all done extremely simple in just one musical note.

All these above blenders are the perfect solution to your Indian dishes in the USA. After reading this list, you can now choose one which offers you the most suitable functions and worth your money most. So get your best blender for Indian cooking and start cooking these great recipes from South Indian.

If you’re interested in learning more about blending, be sure to check out You’ll find a wealth of articles on the subject, written by experts in the field.