Can You Whip Egg Whites in A Blender? Step by Step to Blending Egg White

Our readers emailed and asked: Can you whip egg whites in a blender?

We have already written many articles related to the best-selling blenders highly appreciated in 2022 on the marketplace.

Also, we have received various concerns and questions from new customers about the different versatilities of our blenders.

On top of these, the question “Can you whip egg whites in a blender” has been catching lots of attention in recent days.

In this post, we would like to give you some helpful information about the whipping process in a blender. Then, hopefully, you can decide whether or not you can use a blender for creating whipped egg whites under no circumstances.

Can we whip egg whites in a blender?

Yes, you can whip egg whites in a blender. When your egg white is beaten in a blender, it becomes tough and rubbery because of the sharp blender blades.

However, if you are using a blender with various varying speeds, it can be ideally used for the whipping process as long as you are familiar with alternating the speeds; hence, please begin blending with the lowest speed.

Steps to create whipped egg whites in a blender

The whipping process seems as easy as pie with the aid of a high-quality blender. To do this, you can follow these step-by-step guidelines:

  • Step 1: Your separated egg whites are added into a blender
  • Step 2: The blades are turned on and set with the lowest speed
  • Step 3: Keep the blender running before sugar or cream is added
  • Step 4: Some necessary ingredients are added as soon as you notice the soft peak forms
  • Step 5: Turn off the blender and you can enjoy the stiff whipped egg whites

What kind of blenders are used for whipping egg whites?

Blenders are well-designed to meet all customer’s needs, including whipping egg white without having any guesswork. In this post I would like to recommend for you some blenders brands highly rated in 2022.

Immersion blenders

There is no doubt that immersion blenders are the same as handheld mixers in design. However, in terms of functionality, Immersion ones are much more versatile.

When you create whipped egg whites, you alternate between two different speeds with Immersion mixers.

The egg whites seem over-whip to some extent; hence, attention is a key point if you want to achieve a perfect final.

Nutribullet blenders

Absolutely! However, Nutribullet blender is advisable not to use this kitchen gadget for the first try.

In contrast, if you are a regular user, you must avoid overwhipping or spilling your egg whites. Please operate your blender at the lowest speed.

Can we create whipped egg whites by hand?

Many professional chefs use their blenders because of their ease of use and handling less tasking. However, it seems unlikely to use a blender, especially on small portions of egg whites to some extent.

In this case, whisking your egg whites by hand is a perfect alternative to do it. Of course, it takes a longer time for you, but it is worth it if you have a try.

To create whipped egg whites a whisk or fork is necessary.

Use a whisk

Use Whisk to Whip Egg Whites
Use Whisk to Whip Egg Whites

A whisk is a common kitchen gadget helping you control the consistency of the foam produced and you will easily achieve a stiff and glossary with the hand equipment when compared to a blender.

When you whip your eggs with the whisk, please learn how to separate the egg yolk from the egg white because the small portion of egg yolk makes it hard for the egg white to form.

Use a fork

Using a fork to whip egg whites doesn’t sound a little realistic to some extent, but it is quite practical if you need to beat a small number of eggs.

Although a fork is used the same as a whisk, you should maintain the circular motion in the whipping process to incorporate air.

How long does it take to whip egg whites by hand?

Hand whisking has been the most common way of whipping egg whites. But I must confess that it takes lots of your time.

Time will vary depending on how many eggs you want to whip. The time you whip one egg will not be the same as the time you spend whipping two or three eggs.

Why doesn’t my beat egg whites stiffen?

Well, many factors are responsible for this. Please carefully observe the following-listed reasons and make a quick adjustment without guesswork.

  • The bowl is dirty
  • The egg is too cold
  • There is a small portion of yolk eggs in the separation process
  • The bowl is made of certain materials

Can whipped egg whites be stored?

Whipped eggs should not be stored for a while. As soon as you beat them, they should be immediately consumed like an ingredient in a meal or used for baking. Providing that they are put in a fridge, they will not take long to be inedible.

As I mentioned above, you must be careful to avoid over whipping your egg before they become inedible.

If you want to create whipped egg whites on the first try, please carry out your whipping process by hand. From my perspective, you will feel surprised by the final result without having any guesswork.

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