The Ninja blender is one of the best blenders

About Blending Lovers

Blending Lovers is a user-friendly website with tips and tricks to help you make the perfect smoothie. With our blender reviews, blending guides, and step-by-step tutorials we are here to help you create your most delicious meal of all time.

Blending Lovers was created by two friends who wanted to share their love for smoothies with the world.

Our mission is simple: “To provide people with helpful resources so they can live healthier lives.”

We hope this site will inspire others to try new recipes and explore different ingredients in order to have fun in the kitchen!

Our Mission

Blending Lovers is a digital agency that specializes in the future of kitchens.

We provide creative ideas about how to use current kitchen trends and technology, as well as predictions for what will be happening.

Our goal is to help you make the most of your space today so that when it comes time to remodel your kitchen, you’re prepared.

Plastic vs. Glass Blender: Which One Is Better?

What Make Us Special?


Detailed Review


Variety of Products


Real Pictures

Articles are compiled from user reviews and leading industry experts! Diverse product list, updated monthly by Amazon, Ebay, Walmart,… and retail stores! Actual product images are taken by our staff and our readers.

The Categories That We Provide Information For Readers

  • Evaluation of specialized blenders for each specific need
  • Famous blender brands in the world
  • Blender tips and smoothie recipes
  • Different types of blenders
  • Combination of blenders with the same features or materials
  • Compare product lines

A blender with a plastic jar

Our Testing Product Process

Plastic vs Glass Blender Comparison: Advantages And Disadvantages Of 2 Types Of Blender

The only way to know if a product is suitable for everyday kitchen use is to test it.

Knowing that different home cooks are looking for specific types of products, we research product categories that satisfy you here.


After collecting both manufacturer data and user reviews, we put together a wide range of products to test in each category.

We then purchase those products and evaluate them in our own homes and in the Lab of our Laboratory in Unincorporated, KS.

We also collect qualitative data about our experience while testing these products:

  • What do we like and dislike?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Is the product working as expected?
  • Is it easy to clean?

We compile our experience and deliver insights and data to give you easy-to-understand reasons why we think these products are great, and what flaws you might find. Expectable!

Tested in the Lab

Our test center in Unincorporated, KS, covers over 5,000 square feet and includes four test stoves, which we use to test everything from vacuum seals to carbon steel pans side by side to see how they stack up. How they overlap.

Housewives, chefs, and culinary professionals use standardized methods to plan and conduct Lab tests.

For example, we get creative by using infrared thermometers to measure hot spots on pans or taste ice cream made from dozens of different ice cream machines.

Also, we take photos, videos, and personal details from our editors and testers to give you a behind-the-scenes look.

Tested at home

Of course, we also need to see how well the products perform in real-world scenarios. Join our in-house testers — a mix of experienced food writers and our own editors.

We send the product directly to their kitchen, where they go through the same steps as in the Lab.

The testers then filled out a survey that ranked items on the same established attributes, giving individual lessons and taking pictures of products in use.

Our Author

Taylor Klaus

Taylor’s culinary interests began at a young age by making family meals with her mother.

She graduated in 2009 from the culinary arts program at Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) and went on to work in several restaurants and cafés and as a personal chef, specializing in menus for food allergies.

Taylor has a passion for creating great food experiences and getting anyone excited about making amazing food for family and friends.

She also is an expert bartender with 5 years of experience, she’s written over 100 blender tutorials and smoothie recipes. She’s a fan of nutrient-rich puree drinks.

Now, Taylor Klaus is a creator and editor of Blending Lovers, she created this blog to post her inspirations, work and free resources that she hopes other find interesting too!. See all posts by her here

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