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Blending Lovers is a user-friendly website with tips and tricks to help you make the perfect smoothie.

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Blending Lovers is a user-friendly website with tips and tricks to help you make the perfect smoothie. With our blender reviews, blending guides, and step-by-step tutorials we are here to help you create your most delicious meal of all time.

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Our own roots

Blending Lovers was created by three friends who wanted to share their love for smoothies with the world. Our mission is simple: “To provide people with helpful resources so they can live healthier lives.” We hope this site will inspire others to try new recipes and explore different ingredients in order to have fun in the kitchen!


Specializes in the future of kitchens

We provide creative ideas about how to use current kitchen trends and technology, as well as predictions for what will be happening. Our goal is to help you make the most of your space today so that when it comes time to remodel your kitchen, you’re prepared.

Rate The Best Products On The Market

Each type of machine has its own strengths, they are designed specifically for a specific job, such as making soup, handling frozen fruit,…


Compare Famous Brands And Products

Compilation of comparison articles on each new and old product model, each blender brand!


Answer The Common Questions Of Housewives

We answer frequently asked questions by users about blender


Instructions on How To

Instructions on how to handle problems during blender use and answers to frequently asked blender questions


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Haley Holden

Founder | Client Director

Starting from scratch, with a passion for food, Haley Holden excellently graduated as valedictorian from the prestigious French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu – Academic Partner of CHM International Academy. After that, he worked for many restaurants in famous 4-5 star hotels in Florida, Hawaii (USA).

Gina Ford

Design Director

Gina Ford is a young Spanish female chef, inspired to cook by her father who knows how to cook. Devoted to the love of food at a young age, Gina always researched, learned and developed her cooking skills in the most proficient way. The culinary style of the female chef focuses on traditional dishes, bearing the flavor of her hometown of Spain.

Taylor Klaus

Content Manager

Unlike most other chefs, Taylor Klaus shines in a world of her own with eye-catching desserts. Taylor was born in Ohio, but it was Virginia that gave wings to her journey to becoming a pastry queen. Her passion was aroused once she worked at a pastry shop and was attracted by the skillful way of preparing and decorating the cakes. Taylor shares that she finds inspiration for her recipes by developing stories for her dishes based on memories, events, and culinary experiences from her life.

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